As national school, Dian Harapan school follows the national and government requirement for academic achievement. 

Academic  Overview


21st Century Skill

SDH realizes that our students are now living in the 21st-century era and they need to develop some skills to fulfill their calling and facing life’s challenges:

  • ​Communication skill

  • Collaborative

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Creativity

Education For Life and Shalom

Education in Dian Harapan School is doing its mission to educate its students to strive to create shalom that is understood from the Christian Biblical Worldview. In the learning process at school, the students will be challenged to engage critically in Biblical ways to address the defects among the society, express justice, think of solutions creatively for community issues, strive to live in the shalom community and contribute in a real way for society.

Long Life Learner's Community

Dian Harapan School Community is a community which consists of Christ’s disciples, where teachers, staff, and other workers are called by God to be a learner, not only in this world but also to be a long life-learners. To be involved in Dian Harapan School community means that we will be a long life learner, that is every student who has been entrusted to us will involve in a community who have desire and calling to know, walk with, and love God and His word.

Student's Holistic Achievements

Dian Harapan School encourages the students to do the best and excel in any area, including language, science, art, social science, technology and information, physical and wellness, mathematics, social justice, etc. There is no specific favorite area because we realize that all things that God created are all good. Students are nurtured and encouraged not only to excel in their academic achievements but also in their skills to serve the community.

Our Uniqueness: National Plus Curriculum?

  • We commit to teach with Christ-centered approach in all things.

  • We believe openness and transparency in learning.

  • We appreciate each student’s uniqueness.

  • We also accept each student’s limitations.

  • We realize that one of the important purpose of learning is to prepare the next generation to live and serve the society.

  • We are focus in learning the best practices of the best international curriculum and continuously train the teacher, staff and our management to apply "The Best Practice in Education".

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