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Jenny Lumingas

Staff HRD SDH Holland Village-Manado.

A person who has faith in Christ will continually learn to understand the ultimate truth from Biblical perspective



Gr. 12 Science - SDH Cikarang

The Holistic Education that is given by SDH really develops my life style.

Lioe Pricilla Loekito

Parent, SDH Daan Mogot

We have seen transformation happening in our children since the study at SDH, they are growing intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


SDH teachers teach the students with Christ Centered value. They teach them to be independent, brave and smart kids. Teachers nurture and love the kids while providing the structure and guidance for their needs. I am impressed with the level of feedback and overall communication.

We have seen transformation happening in our children since the study at SDH, they are growing in these aspects:

  • Intellectual : They are able to read and write basic things, able to think and form questions that shows curiosity.

  • Emotional & Social : They show more empathy, compassion, easily makes friends

  • Spiritual : They can pray properly. In few occasions, when they are feeling scared of something, or facing difficult situations, they often remember to pray or ask to pray for. They also often pray for their friends.

What they've learned will be useful in the future.


Yosha Novadha Soehardinata,
Parents SDH Lippo Village

SDH is the only place that our three daughters are in the hands of the right people during school time.



Alumni of SDH Cikarang 2014

All this time, I love one of many things SDH had taught me, that is "to be a servant-leader.



Grade 4 Student, SDH Lippo Village

SDH is a Fun School. I have a lot of fun learning about Science, Math, Music, and many more.

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