Junior School welcomes students from Kindergarten up to Grade 6. Our goal is to inspire students the love of learning in exploring God’s world.

Junior School

We believe that during this golden age of learning, the role of parents is greatly important. Our schools work closely with parents to educate their children with holistic Christian education.


We believe this world belongs to God, therefore learning for young children is going to focus on inquiry and skill development, exploring the world with wonder, love and adoration to the Creator. Further, students will also be nurtured to develop in Godly character as reflected in loving and caring for others. 

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The curriculum for Kindergarten and Junior School are Christ-centered, Bible-based, Student-focused, and Teacher-directed. 

The learning approach for Kindergarten is inquiry and play-based, developing basic skills to prepare them for further stage in primary level. Areas of studies are arranged within Biblical Christian Worldview Themes. 

From grade 1 to 6, students will learn variety subjects within units of study. The goal is to develop skills yet to learn not only the content of certain subjects but also find enduring understanding and how their learning direct them for actions in their daily activities.

  • Biblical Studies

  • Language (Bahasa Indonesia, English and Mandarin as additional language)

  • Math

  • Science & Social Studies

  • Music

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Physical Education

  • Information & Technology

  • Electives program

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