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After School Activities

After school activities is an organized program from school to provide various activities to the students outside the formal school hour. In SDH School, we have elective class and after school activities. Elective class is mandatory for all the students and held during school hours, students have to choose a program they want to join. After school activities is not mandatory for the students, it is held for the students who are interested and talented in a certain activity.  

After school activities is to accommodate various uniqueness, potentials and talents of the students beside the academic area. An opportunity to mentoring to the students spiritually and mentally, not only developing students skills and abilities. Further, after school activities will prepare the students as a school representatives for any competitions.

Practical Aspect

  • Committed Coach
    SDH School provides committed coach that will train our students to be skillful in their talents and mentor them mentally and spiritually. During the exercise, coach will set a time to give mentoring to the students, discuss about characters and spiritual issue of the students.

  • Registration & Selection
    There will be process for registration and selection to be part in the after school activities.

  • Scheduled and Routine Exercise
    School together with the coach will arrange a routine scheduled exercise right after school with a limited time so that it will be effective and efficient for the students as their prime responsibility is to study academically.

  • Communication between Coach, Teachers and Parents
    There will be a good communication between coach and homeroom teachers if there is any academic issue of the students who join after school activities. Coach and teachers will discuss the possible cause and communicate it to the parents.  


All the After School Activities

  • Basketball

  • Badminton

  • Soccer

  • Futsal

  • Volleyball

  • Dance

  • Pasdhabara (Pasukan Dian Harapan Pengibar Bendera)

  • Swimming

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