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Our schools strive to be a shalom community, find more stories of our communities 

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Grade 12 Science - SDH Cikarang

SDH is My Big Family. The Holistic Education that is given by SDH really develops my life style. It does not only affect me for a certain aspect, but also affects my life as a whole, like academic, mental, and spiritual life. It is now balanced among those 3 aspects.

One of the programs that SDH provides to help me taking an action for community is Live In. In this program, the students will live in a village for a certain period of time. The purpose is to help the people in need and also to give a meaningful life lesson to the students.

Bobby, an alumni student SDH Cikarang
testimoni keluarga yosha

Yosha Novadha Soehardinata

Parents - SDH Lippo Village

In my opinion, SDH is the only place that our three daughters are in the hands of the right people during school time. This school is safe and the teachers educate our daughters just like us, like what parents do to their children. They do it with love and care.

SDH pays attention not only in the academic development of our daughters but also to their social emotional development and faith in Christ. I love to see SDH students participate actively in learning process, such as in exhibition and performance.

So, thank you SDH teachers and also staff. You have been working diligently to help your students. Keep up the priceless work, GBU.

William Aditya Sarana, S.H.


SDH adalah tempat di mana passion saya untuk politik tumbuh. SDH tidak hanya mengajarkan ilmu pengetahuan tapi juga rasa pengabdian kepada masyarakat dan negara.

—  William Aditya Sarana, S.H.

Alumni of SDH Daan Mogot 2014

William Aditya as alumni sdh daan mogot

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