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Our Journey to Redemptive Restoration

Dian Harapan School believes that in Christ all creations who had fell into sin will be restored. In its mission, SDH proclaiming the Preeminence of Christ and engaging in redemptive restoration of all things in Him through holistic education. As a part of God’s people and royal priesthood, SDH wants to do its part in a spirit of God’s Kingdom agent.

It is not only stopping at modeling the “restoration”, but also spreading that “restoration”. The restoration that not “only” win the souls for Christ, but also restore the brokenness of a family, relationship and nation; take an action with full of mercy and justice; bring a family life, institution, and community according to God’s authority for His kingdom.

The Focus of Mission Service Learning

  • Getting to know the God by seeing His world and the people in the world in both their school and local community.

  • Making relationships, loving neighbors and showing compassion for others less privileged.

  • Taking responsibility for making a positive contribution to the world specifically doing mission and serving throughout the nation of Indonesia.

  • Practicing leadership while doing mission service learning.


Hear from Our Schools



Every year we have an annually student’s activity that in line with our Mission Service Learning. This activity were organized by teacher and students from grade XI and they called it “Live In”. Live In can be held in different villages and in different cities. At Live In, the eleventh graders went to village at Yogyakarta. Our students stayed with their foster parents in the village. Our students also did bazaar and teaching at school near the village. The money from bazaar was donated to make town hall meeting for the village. Live In is a unforgettable moment for our eleventh graders and they learn more about sharing and giving to others.

Be a part of our lifelong,
transformative learning community today.

    Practical Aspect

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