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SDH Primary school

Primary School

We believe that this world belongs to God and human beings are created in His image. Therefore, our life is to glorify and enjoy God through everything we do. We nurture our students in True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character through inquiry and play-based learning, skill development, loving God, and others, and exploring God’s world with wonder, love, and adoration to God the Creator. 


We believe parents are the prime educators for their children. Therefore, we work closely with parents to educate the children through holistic Christian education. Especially during the development age of their children, partnership between parents and school is greatly valued in Sekolah Dian Harapan.  

Primary School Curiculum


The curriculum in SDH Primary School is Christ-centered, Bible-based, student-oriented, teacher-directed, and community-connected. SDH Primary School uses national curriculum, the 2013 national curriculum. We also develop an SDH Curriculum Framework that enriches the national curriculum and has made the SDH curriculum unique. SDH Curriculum Framework uses an authentic and holistic learning approach which direct the teaching and learning toward the school vision and mission. The indicators are mapped under the Biblical Christian Worldview Themes, so students are discipled to not only know but also use the knowledge to love and serve God and people. 


From grade 1 to 6, students will learn variety subjects within units of study. The goal is to develop skills yet to learn not only the content of certain subjects but also find enduring understanding and how their learning direct them for actions in their daily activities. 


  • Biblical Studies 

  • Language (Bahasa Indonesia and English) 

  • Mathematics 

  • Science  

  • Social Studies 

  • Indonesian Civics 

  • Music 

  • Physical Education 

  • Art 

  • Music 

  • Digital Technology 

  • Electives program 

Subject study at SDH

Junior School Gallery

Electives Program
Biblical Studies
Science & Social Studies
Physical Education

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