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Jl. POM IX Kampus, Ilir Barat I Palembang (30137),Prov. Sumatera Selatan

(0711) 564 9154 


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Educating a child is the privilege God gives to every parent, we believe that every parent is the primary educator of their children. But in reality, every parent certainly realizes that they need a partner. In this case, Palembang Harapan School is present as a formal educational institution. We are present in Palembang to support and cooperate with each parent in carrying out this glorious task.

We believe that every human being needs to grow in a balanced and thorough manner, namely knowledge, spirituality, social, communication, skill, and health (Holistic Education). In conducting a Holistic Education, we are referring to the national curriculum and delivering it according to the best practice in education, while still focus on the school's vision and mission. We strive to deliver meaningful, enjoyable learning, and in accordance with the child's physical, spiritual, and thinking development.

We recognize that in everyday learning, teachers are the main factors. We are grateful that we have passionate teachers to keep learning and developing. It is evident from their involvement in every training and seminar conducted by the school on a regular basis. And more importantly, we are grateful because they have a great sense of love for every student and their teaching subject. In supporting the learning process, facilities and security also become our priority, especially related to digital learning.

We thank God every time we see how God has joined this community since his presence in Palembang in 2012. We thank each parent who has chosen and entrusted to Palembang Harapan School as a companion in terms of educating children. We are also grateful, to every teacher and staff who has devoted their talent, energy, and mind to provide the best education. Both those who are still joining with us and those who have continued their ministry elsewhere.

Welcome to Sekolah Palembang Harapan. Let's grow and learn together.

Message from the Head Of School



School Schedule

Junior School

Kindergarten 1
12.00 - 15.00
10.00 - 12.00
Kindergarten 2
07.00 - 11.00
07.00 - 09.00
Kindergarten 3
07.00 - 11.00
07.00 - 11.00
Junior 1 - 2
07.00 - 13.00
07.00 - 11.30
Junior 3 - 6
07.00 - 15.00
07.00 - 11.30

Senior School

Senior 7-9
07.00 - 15.45
07.00 - 15.45
07.00 - 15.05
07.00 - 15.30
07.00 - 10.50
Senior 10-12
07.00 - 15.45
07.00 - 15.45
07.00 - 15.05
07.00 - 15.30
07.00 - 10.50

School Location



Filia Natania

I am very grateful for being trusted to share my life experiences during my school year. SPH has known for its holistic education system and indeed they are trying to fulfill it. SPH has changed and shaped many aspects in my life. Academically, SPH gave me many concepts and forcing myself to explore more like making posters or case studies. The teachers are very creative and somehow drive us to be creative as well. I am thankful that my English has improved very much and SPH has brought me to where I am now, studying in ITB taking Biology major.

Student of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Major of Biology

Sekolah Palembang Harapan
(Class of 2017)

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