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SDH Cikarang campusses
Logo 20th Aniversary SDH CIkarang

“His Faithfulness: Strength for Today & Hope for Tomorrow”


Jalan Palem Kuning Raya 2, Taman Beverli, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17550.

(021) 899 00970 


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head of school sdh cikarang

SDH Cikarang was started in 2002 as a second school which was built after SDH Lippo Village in 1995. With the vision: True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, Godly Character, SDH Cikarang started with 350 students from Kindergarten to Senior School. SDH Cikarang is blessed by the increasing number of students, teachers and staff, moving forward to an exciting direction where good school facilities, special teaching methods, loyal teachers and staff provided and be a second home for the students, teacher and staff. I am full of joy to share that in our learning process, we are continuously processing to constantly direct all things toward one purpose that is the preeminence of Christ as our mission is: proclaiming the preeminence of Christ, and engaging in the redemptive restoration in all things in Him through holistic education, that is focused on spiritual growth and experience in Christ.

There are a lot of programs to support students in physical, intellectual, skill and spiritual growth. There are various exhibitions along the year from Kindergarten to Senior School, scientific research, live-in, internship, book week, retreat, chapel, field trip, Student Led Conference, sport competition, National Science Olympiad involvement and many else, prepared with whole heart to bring the students into the holistic education. Care, love, attention and discipline become an inseparable part of growing the students.

It is truly a great joy to be in a Christian community that always grows and has wide opportunity to introduce Christ to the students who come and learn here, work with the partner to educate and teach the students in Godly truth, look at the students grow and cling to Christ, and witness how they are successful to reach their dreams to be leaders that have fear of God, may the name of God be glorified through it.

We open widely to welcome the students and parents to join and become a part of our big family of SDH Cikarang.



Message from the Head Of School

School Schedule

Junior School

Kindergarten 1
07.00 - 10.00 | 11.30 - 14.30
07.00 - 09.00 | 09.30 - 11.30
Kindergarten 2
11.30 - 15.00
09.30 - 11.30
Kindergarten 3
07.00 - 11.00
07.00 - 09.00
Junior 1 - 2
07.00 - 12.55
07.00 - 12.00
Junior 3 - 4
07.00 - 14.55
07.00 - 12.00
Junior 5 - 6
07.00 - 14.55
07.00 - 12.00

Senior School

Senior 7 - 9
07.00 - 15.05
07.00 - 15.05
07.00 - 15.05
07.00 - 15.05
07.00 - 12.21
Senior 10
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 12.10
Senior 11 - 12
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 15.37
07.00 - 12.10

School Location


Jennifer Kristy Utomo Alumni sdh bangka

Jennifer Kristy Utomo

SDH Cikarang (Grade 9)

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, a policy has been made thus, students are required to study from home online. I am grateful that God is still present through the tough days for all of us, students, teachers, and every hand that plays a part in realizing our dreams as the nation’s successor. Dian Harapan School has never failed in providing homes for the students. Dian Harapan School also provides a place for every student to develop the abilities that God had given to His people and instilling competent leadership qualities.


During the academic year of 2020-2021, God has to lead my ministry in the student council of Dian Harapan Middle School. Through the student council of Dian Harapan, I learned that the essence of being involved in an organization or activities aren’t just about experiencing new things, it’s about humbling yourself before God and serving others so His words can be seen through the people He has chosen. Through this opportunity, I would like to thank Dian Harapan School that has helped me find my true inner self in Christ. Thanks to the guidance and support from all the teachers and staff, I am able to build a purpose to be someone who inspires my surroundings.

Be a part of our lifelong,
transformative learning community today.

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