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SDH Makassar Campusses


Jl. Gunung Agung No.201, Tj. Merdeka, Tamalate, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan

(0411) 811 4460 


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Head of School SDH Makassar

SDH Makassar was built in 2003. We are located in Tanjung Bunga, the south area of Makassar.


​We believe that education should bring the students to grow in the knowledge of God, their creator, through every subject they learn. Our desire is to equip each child to develop holistically and able to respond to their calling which is to serve God and be a blessing to many people in Indonesia and other countries.


We serve from K-12 with full English instruction in Kindergarten and gradually introduce bilingual instruction in Elementary and Senior School. The curriculum is developed in line with national guideline and approached with best teaching practices from Biblical Christian Perspectives.


​Our teachers are Christians and competent on their field of teaching. They are committed and engaged in a continued professional development. They are expected to be a role model for their students.

Our school is completed with excellent facilities to help students’ growth by exploring them to various experiences through sports, technology, arts and music, language, social community service, science and many more. Those facilities include playground, football field, futsal court, jogging track, swimming pool, basketball and badminton court, dance room, art and music rooms, computer rooms, science laboratories, libraries with lots of resources, and health center.


​The school views parents as the prime educators who are the school partner in educating their children. There are many parenting seminars conducting in assisting parents to gain more knowledge and understanding about their role and equip them to do their part better.

Kindly contact our admission staff through sending email to admission get further information or you may browse our website.

Thank you so much for spending your time by visiting and knowing about our school.

Message from the Head Of School



School Schedule

Junior School

Kindergarten 1
11.30 - 14.20
09.00 - 11.30
Kindergarten 2
11.30 - 14.45
09.00 - 11.30
Kindergarten 3
07.30 - 11.15
07.30 - 10.05
Junior 1 - 2
07.30 - 13.35
07.15 - 11.50
Junior 3 - 4
07.30 - 14.35
07.15 - 12.45
Junior 5 - 6
07.30 - 14.35
07.15 - 12.45

Senior School

Senior 7 - 9
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 15.45
07.00 - 12.54
Senior 10
07.00 - 15.45
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 12.54
Senior 11 - 12
07.00 - 15.45
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 15.03
07.00 - 12.54

School Info


Cambridge School

(Rekomendasi Dispen menjadi SPK) 

at Makassar

Cambridge Icon

School Location


Farrell Aurelio William Alumni SDH Makassar

Farrell Aurelio William

SDH Makassar (Grade 9)

Thank God SDH Makassar was quick to respond to preparing a good system platform during the Home Based Learning (HBL) period, maybe not all schools in Sulawesi have such a good system platform. HBL has made me more trained to look for reliable information to increase knowledge and discipline in time to complete tasks. SDH gave many useful seminars that made me a better person. My experience outside of academics was when I joined the SDH Online Summer Program and took Microbit classes. The time was short but very memorable and made me interested in further developing interests outside of academics, especially programming. Representing SDH in the EF Spelling Bee Competition is an invaluable experience. I can hone my vocabulary and train mentally for competitions while doing schoolwork is a challenge for me. Proud to be chosen to represent the competition and win. This triggers me to be enthusiastic, to strive wholeheartedly and to give thanks to God for all His talents and gifts. I have learned a lot since joining SUDAH, not only academically but also in the field of character and spiritual that emphasizes about Christ which I can apply in my daily life. Mission Service Learning (MSL) is a school activity that makes me grateful for God's blessings and how to share knowledge with the surrounding community.

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