Jl. Laut Aru 1 Lingkungan IV No. 103, Ranotana,  Manado, Sulawesi Utara, 95116

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Welcome to Sekolah Dian Harapan Manado

It is been a privilege for SDH Manado to gained trust and opportunity to serve in education field in Ranotana, Manado since 2011. We strive to be the pioneer of education that shapes man who have faith in Christ, Godly Character and True Knowledge. This means the education that we are doing is not only to create intellectual human being, but also a man with morals, ethics and compassion. More than anything, students are taught to discern God’s calling in their lives.

We are present as a community that affirms uniqueness of every individual and supports each other to grow, even more in their faith in Christ. With the concept of school as the Second Home for students, we provide not only facilities but also a chance for students to receive holistic education and develop their talents by any means necessary, so that students may be able to achieve skills in facing the changes of the era.

SDH Manado Ranotana plan our curriculum and practices of teachings that are Christ-centered, students-oriented and led by highly qualified teachers so that students may have true knowledge that can be constantly build upon and applied not only for themselves, but also have a real impact towards their environment and community.

Please join us in educating children in Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High until Senior High. Let us interact and grow together in a Shalom Community.

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Kenneth Vincentius Theys.jpeg

Kenneth Vincentius Theys

SDH Manado (Class of 2017)

The basic essence of school is a formal educational institution, where school is a place to gain knowledge. It is true that SDH is a place to gain knowledge for a student, but SDH as an institution not only emphasizes "Gaining Knowledge" but also emphasizes education that is holistic or comprehensive. The holistic education implemented by SDH as a Christian Educational Institution emphasizes an education system that is able to develop the maximum potential of each individual, where these individuals are unique so that the "Output" of this system varies greatly from student to student.

The education system perceived at SDH is transformative, where learning activities are not bound, but flexible. The education system at SDH emphasizes the "Why and How" question which is very concerned about the meaning of a problem and solves it collectively. SDH as an educational institution also encourages every student to actively participate in all self-development activities such as extracurricular and After-School for various fields of knowledge and student interests.

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