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SDH Medan Campusses


Lippo Plaza Medan lt.10. Jl. Iman Bonjol No. 6 Kel. Petisah Tengah, Kec. Medan Petisah, 20112

(061) 410 60560


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Head of School SDH Medan

We welcome you to Sekolah Dian Harapan (SDH) Medan, an English-speaking Christian school in the heart of North Sumatera where we together as a family strive to grow holistically, pointing our heart and mind to Jesus Christ as Our Lord and Saviour and use our hand to serve Him.



SDH Medan is one out of the fifteen SDH units across Indonesia. We are beyond grateful that SDH Medan has gained trust and opportunity to serve in education field since 2017.


We instil quality of Christian education in which we build not only cognitive and social growth of a child, but preeminently one’s spiritual growth. This holistic educational approach is feasible through fine, loving, Christian teachers and school administrator as well as home-school collaboration. We also believe that all of us are created in the Image of God with each uniqueness as a body of Christ. Hence SDH Medan plan our curriculum and practices so that students can see their parts in the world God has created so thoughtfully.


Our teachers and staffs devote serious and sustained effort to deliver Bible-based and Christ-centered learning activities. We designed it through our formative and culminating activities such as scientific research, experiments, interviews, observations, chapel, fieldtrip, Student Led Conference, Mission Service Learning, and many else.


We warmly welcome you to know more and be part of our shalom community in SDH Medan where we hand-in-hand grow and nurture students through holistic Christian education

Message from the Head Of School


Afrilya Wijaya Putri

School Schedule

Junior School

Kindergarten 2
07.30 - 11.00
07.30 - 10.15
Kindergarten 3
07.30 - 11.00
07.30 - 10.15
Junior 1 - 2
07.00 - 13.00
07.00 - 12.00
Junior 3 - 4
07.00 - 14.55
07.00 - 12.00
Junior 5 - 6
07.00 - 14.55
07.00 - 12.00

School Location


Tiffany Naomi Agatha Samosir Alumni SDH Medan

Tiffany Naomi Agatha Samosir

Hi guys …. My name is Tiffany, I’m 6 years old now. I’m at Elementary 1 in SDH Medan. I have been studying here since I was a K2 student. I really love my school. We have the best teacher in SDH Medan. I love when my teacher telling the story. I like the story about Moses very much. Even though we just meet on Microsoft Teams now, but our learning is so fun. My teacher teaches us reading, counting, and making art work in the interesting way. He sometimes uses the small paper on his forehead and sometimes the paper glued on the chopstick. It’s so funny.

My friends are also fun, we can play together when playing time. Now I can meet my friends when we do online learning by using Microsoft Teams. We still can talk to each other even we cannot meet directly. But it’s okay, we keep praying so that the corona virus goes away faster. Because I really missed my classroom 😊

SDH Medan (Grade 1)

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