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Jl. Yos Sudarso, Komplek Lippo Plaza Lubuklinggau Taba Jemekeh,  Kota Lubuklinggau


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Dear parents and students,

Thank God for His favor, allowing SDH to be established amidst Lubuk Linggau residents, that in July 2017 SDH may start its operation. Through its vision: True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, Godly Character and mission: proclaiming the preeminence of Christ, and engaging in the redemptive restoration in all things in Him through holistic education, SDH hopes to be able to contribute positively in the field of education especially in Lubuk Linggau. SDH, with its motto to be a second home for its students, teachers and employees, is equipped with various supporting facilities to promote learning activities, teachers who educate with love using best teaching practices as learning methods.

Various activities are prepared to support students in developing holistic education that not only is focused on academic progress, but covering as well skill, physical and spiritual development. Through its activities SDH builds shalom community for all members of the school.

We gladly invite and welcome students and parents to be a part of SDH Lubuk Linggau family.

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Michael Benedict The

SDH Lubuklinggau (Grade 5)

Hello, my name is Michael Benedict The, I feel happy to welcome this new semester because I am going to be a 5th grader student. But I am also sad because more and more people have been affected by the coronavirus, so schools will likely be conducting online learning again. I feel really happy to be able to study in Dian Harapan School because I could learn many new things, in academics (for example, learning to fold origami in grade 1, making ice cream in grade 2, learning about energy, and making windmills in grade 3, and in 4th grade previously learned to make energy-efficient houses) and also in other parts of learning. I also learned to discuss, work together in groups, how to do a presentation, and learn to draw closer to God through the Bible study that being deliver by the teachers every day during devotions. The thing that makes me grateful to study at SDH is that all the teachers are kind and patient and willing to listen and teach us wholeheartedly. Because of that, I feel close to all the teachers at SDH. I am also grateful that SDH's conditions are clean and tidy, the toilet is also clean and it makes me comfortable to study and learn at SDH.

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