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Becoming "The Food Warriors" At SDH Holland Village

grade 10 students to take part in solving the food waste issue started at SDH Holland Village Manado.

Food waste is like a never-ending issue in so many countries, including Indonesia. Research by Bappenas Indonesia stated that in the period of 2000-2019, this country disposes 23-48 million tons of food waste every year or equivalent to 115-184 kilograms per capita per year. No wonder that food waste also becomes one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is SDG 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”.

Thus, Unit of Integration (UoI) in the 4th quarter of 2022/2023 facilitated grade 10 students to take part in solving the food waste issue started at SDH Holland Village Manado. Under the topic “The 3Rs (reduce, re-use, redistribute) of Food Waste”, the students had to work with their group mates to plan a program or prototype which would be written in a mini proposal as the formative project and campaigned for the whole community of SDH Holland Village Manado as the summative project.

By using Project-based Learning (PBL) as the learning method and also the collaboration from 6 subjects (Biblical Studies, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Sociology), there were 8 weeks for the students to achieve the goal of this UoI as highlighted below.

Week 1-3: Introduction of Food Waste Issue

As the beginning of the unit, the students were exposed to real data and impacts of food waste in Indonesia, Manado, and at SDH Holland Village Manado. There were 2 webinars from UPH and Unsrat lecturers where students learned food technology and eco enzyme as examples of food waste management. Not only that, but the students also learned the basics of Statistics which would help them to collect and process the data as the background of their mini proposal.

Week 4-7: Writing the Mini Proposal and Planning for the Campaign

Throughout these 4 weeks, the students worked together within their group to write the mini proposal as a way to propose their program or prototype that could possibly be the solution of food waste problems at SDH Holland Village Manado. In their mini proposal, the students had to write the background of their program/prototype that should be supported with the real data, the real effects of the food waste, description of the program/prototype as the solution, and the how to implement the solution such as the timeline, goal, target and many other related things. After finishing the mini proposal, the students should plan how to campaign their program/prototype as a way to gain support from the whole community of the school for their program/prototype.

These brochures are a glimpse of their works.

Week 8: Campaign of the Program/Prototype

As the last week of the UoI, the students promoted their program/prototype to the teachers from both junior and senior departments, their fellow students in senior department, securities, staffs, and also cleaning services of the school. By this way, the students just took their part as God’s partners in reconciling the world by spreading awareness to the whole community of the school.