During the Home-Based Learning (HBL) period last time, all sixth-graders were introduced with Integrated Project. Integrated here literally means that the project involved many aspects of learning as well as developed uniquely based on their specific skills and intelligence. Therefore, the students were required to conduct an individual yet authentic project themed Covid-19 Pandemic. Reflected on the school’s vision and mission, along with its curriculum, each pupil needs to develop themselves according to their talents and interests. The project itself is categorized into 6 kinds, such as Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English Literature, Civics, and Bahasa Indonesia Literature. Each was mentored by one teacher.

After all the students picked their category, they started their project right away. Mr. Rolandi was the Mentor of Math project assigned his pupils to research data about Covid-19 cases happen around the globe. Presented with colorful graphs and accurate calculations, the pupils learned to analyze and make a conclusion.

On the other hand, Ms. Nike as the Science Mentor, assigned her students to look at this disease from its biological trace. The students were able to explain what the virus is, how it spreads, and infects many people. Furthermore, Ms. Christina from the English group and Ibu Ayu from Bahasa Indonesia group guided their students to make kinds of positive campaigns related to the Covid-19 pandemic in many ways, like essays, tutorials, short stories, songs, poems, and others. In the Social Studies group, Mr. Denny as the mentor asked his students to research more on the social impact from the pandemic. Presented in writings and pictures, the students were able to find out how this pandemic affected the social-economy of many people around the world. Last but not the least, Ms. Meike from Civics group, helped the students to show support to all the people who got infected from this virus. Especially to all the medical people, nurses, and doctors out there. These students managed to share heart-warming support for them through posters, drawings, writings, and many more.

In the end, these sixth graders not just succeed in sharpen and develop their skills and interests, they also succeed in growing their empathy to their surroundings. Realizing that we are sharing the same planet and as the same creations of God, it’s obvious to help one another.

Some of the selected projects were published in the school’s social media. Moreover, as the token of appreciation, the school gave each of the students a certificate to symbolize their efforts and perseverance to keep on learning and contributing to society. Yes, the world belongs to God, but we who got the mandatory to working on it. All glory only for Jesus. (by Mr. Rolandi)

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