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Song and Logo Contest: Dian Harapan School Theme 2022-2023 "Be Ambassadors for Christ!"

School Theme SDH_SLH is a theme that unites the direction of self-development, curriculum (school activities and teaching and learning processes), and school climate in one aspect of the school's vision and mission that will be pursued throughout the school year. Let's Shalom Community, together we take part to work deeper and express it through what is produced.

Be Ambassadors for Christ

As part of the first step in the journey of experiencing the School Theme, let the entire SDH-SLH family reflect on it by being creative in making Theme Logos and Theme Songs. The competition was opened for the entire SDH-SLH family, from grades 1-12 students, staff, and also teachers. Explanation and conditions of the competition can be accessed at the link:

Registration for the Logo and Theme Song Contest is open from February 15 to March 31, 2022. Let's us ponder on SDH_SLH School Theme and use all the talents that God has given us all.



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