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Student Led Conference: SDH Makassar

SLC (Student Led Conference) is a routine activity carried out by Sekolah Dian Harapan Makassar. In this academic year, the school also continued to carry out SLC activities even though it held online due to the pandemic situation. This activity is a celebration of students' academic achievements. Student had been preparing themselves, guided and supervised by teacher, to provide a review of their work for parents and teachers. The students presented one of their academic works and shared their learning, strengths, weaknesses, and progress toward their goals. Students were actively analyzing their own work to see their growth and area of improvement. They demonstrated awareness of their struggles and given guidance to set a strategy in improving themselves.

In this conference, students were given a time to reflect on how God’s providing hand had been helping them from the beginning of the lesson to the end. They were declaring their Ebenezer. The understanding of God providence gave them the confidence to not only share their success but also lesson they learned from the failure. The process of this event has built students’ understanding about their self-worth as God’s children. Students also took more ownership of their learning.

SLC has given a great opportunity where parents can freely express their support to their child as in this event, students also received feedback from them. This helped parents to show encouragement to their child’s involvement in the learning process, not only the success. By giving feedback, parents also given a chance to assist their child in identifying strength and future goals. Both students and parents learned in communicating their love and support.

Through this event, teacher also established a stronger relationship with parents and students. Teacher. As they guided students in the process of collecting work samples and reviewing learning goals, teacher was given a chance to inquire about students’ long-term goals.


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