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Celebrating Indonesia's Cultural Diversity: Highlights from Nusantara Week 2023 - SDH Daan Mogot

anak-anak TK dengan semangat, sedang diajak untuk mengenal kekayaan budaya Kalimantan melalui kegiatan Pekan Nusantara.

As followers of Christ, we are grateful for the blessed land of Indonesia that the Lord has bestowed upon us, including the abundant cultural diversity of its people. Indonesia can be considered one of the few countries with such richness. The expression of gratitude should not merely be limited to informational knowledge but should extend to how disciples can truly experience it. One of the activities that facilitates students to experience this cultural diversity is the Nusantara Week. The Nusantara Week took place from October 30 to November 3, 2023, with the theme "My Talent for the Lord" (Romans 12:1), and it was attended by kindergarten and elementary school students.

In kindergarten, students were introduced to the cultural richness of the Kalimantan region. They were provided with information and knowledge and had the opportunity to taste traditional foods from Kalimantan. At the climax of the event, the school invited parents and students to enjoy a parade, musical performances using the Sape instrument (a guitar-like traditional Kalimantan instrument), and traditional dances. Not less exciting, parents and students also witnessed chopstick performances by the indigenous Dayak people. At the end of the event, the school announced the winners of the regional song singing competition: Jillian Mayflower Sutjongto (K1), Clairine Nathania Thojaya (K2), and Hadassah Gracia Hasiandra Sirait (K3).

In elementary school, various interesting activities were also organized during the peak of the event. These included a regional fashion show competition (grades 1-2), folklore storytelling competition (grade 3), poetry reading competition (grade 4), role-playing (grade 4), regional dance and song performances (grades 5-6 along with their teachers), inspiring Indonesian figures (grades 1-6), regional and national song performances, as well as the Teacher's Dance in the main lobby.

The school also gave appreciation to participants in various activities during the Nusantara Week. In the regional fashion show competition, three students with the best costumes were awarded: Harvey Maleakhi Shalim (1A), Reenan Paulendra Pramassia (1B), and Aerilyn Bellvania Dermawan (1C). In the poetry reading competition, the top three students were Josef Leander Chandra (4C), Jevelin Anabelle Chong (4D), and Jeremia Lie (4E). Not only that, Josheralle Elaine Hogandy (3F), Canna Shalomyta Suwardi (3B), and Carla Joanna Liem (3B) also achieved their best performance in the folklore storytelling competition. Overall, the event was lively, and the students were enthusiastic about celebrating the Nusantara Week. May each student continue to be children of God who love the nation and the Republic of Indonesia.



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