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Navigating Personal Growth: A Journey from High School to University

Spending high school at SDH-HV will be one of the most memorable moments in my life that determined my personal growth. Over three years, I navigated through challenges and discoveries finding balance between not only academic discipline but also spiritual growth. Back then, it wasn't just about studying and memorizing lessons; it was about learning the importance of staying focused on my goals and understanding myself better that now helped me as I’m finishing university. One thing I’m grateful in SDH-HV is that sometimes the exams are not only in written paper form where we answer questions and potentially forget about in in a couple of months. Instead, students often engage in projects and presentations, which I find immensely beneficial. Through projects, we have the opportunity to explore topics in greater detail, conduct research, and present our findings creatively. Now as a university student studying biotechnology, I frequently engage in experiments and the experience of having project-based exams during my high school years at SDH-HV has proven invaluable.

The skills I developed through those projects such as critical thinking, research methodology, and effective communication with my peers are directly applicable to my current academic pursuits. One sweet memory I have is the time spent in my first grade with 10B. I hold dear to every single person in that class including our homeroom teacher Ms. Tabitha (she’s the best I LOVE YOU MISS). There were a lot of precious memories in 10B that picking one just simply won’t do for me. My message to you HVers is to have fun while you still can with the people around you. It’s hard now after you graduate to spend time with old friends as we move on with each of our own life so while it’s important to be focused on academic achievements don’t forget to cherish the moments spent laughing, talking, and creating memories together.


Alumni Profile

Marshella Alexandra Maith
Marshella Alexandra Maith

Alumni 2020 SMA Dian Harapan Holland Village

Universitas Pelita Harapan  - Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology


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