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PSTC Quarter 1

On September 24 to September 25, PSTC, which stands for Parent-Student-Teacher Conference, for quarter 1 was held in SDH Holland Village Manado. Just as its name, PSTC is a conference where parents, students, and teachers gather in a meeting, discussing about the student’s growth report throughout a quarter. Inside one school academic year, there are two semesters in which each is divided into two quarters. PSTC is always held at the end of every quarter with an aim of communicating things to be maintained and improved as soon as possible so that there will be better performance in the next quarter. This kind of conference targets to bring parents, students, and teachers to have common ground of student’s performance and work together as a team for the betterment in the future.

Due to the pandemic situation, this time’s PSTC is held virtually, where the parents and students will have a conversation with the teacher through a video meeting. Each conference has the duration of 20 minutes to cover the discussion on students’ affective, cognitive, and psychomotor performance. In the conference, teacher will start by providing exposition of narrative evaluation made by homeroom teachers and scores achieved in subjects. Parents will be given opportunity to convey the student’s performance as well as the hinderances found during the home-learning. During the conversation, the student will also partake in delivering ideas, thoughts, and their personal opinions of their growth.

By having PSTC, every party needs to understand that each has the similar aim, which is to understand the students’ performance and focus on their improvement, but different roles. Parents bear the roles of prime educators in which God has mandated to take care of the children and open the space for growth. Teachers are educators in school who impart knowledge and educate the students, bringing them from a starting point to a destination point. Both parents and teachers are helpers and guides, but the decision is laid on the students. PSTC encourages students to be aware of their progress and encouraged to take responsibility for their learning with the guidance from parents and teachers. This three-way type of conference is hoped to emerge collaboration between all the parties involved and prepare the students to maintain their good performances as well as show improvements on the things addressed in the PSTC.

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