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With Love, Anonymous

The situation amidst of the COVID-19 pandemic inevitably caused a disorder in everyday life, particularly financial matters. Beyond that, the financial impacts of COVID-19 could be far more immediate and devastating for the needy, especially those who had some financial issues. This issue drove our attention to our brothers and sisters living in orphanages. This pandemic might reduce the amount of donation they got. As fellow friends going amidst this hardship, we would like to be considerate and reach out to share that burden together. This was the primary mindset that we would like to show students in Sekolah Dian Harapan (SDH) Makassar. We, as representatives of SDH Makassar Student Council, believed that such selfless attitude should be built and developed over the years.

It was with this feeling that arose in our hearts and minds, that made us take action to donate to two orphanages in Makassar. We named this project as "With Love, Anonymous" to describe the sincerity of the students who would take part in this project. We were very grateful to see the enthusiasm and participation of every SDH Makassar student who longed to be involved in this project. Many parties contributed to the project, including teachers and staff. In addition, through this activity, we – SDH Makassar Student Council – also provided a platform for every student who wanted to give their words of encouragement to our brothers and sisters in the orphanages to send us through an online media. Each of the words of encouragement was successfully made in the form of greeting cards in the hope that these words could become cards that continued providing strength and reminding them that the Lord Jesus would always be with them in any condition.

With God's grace, we eventually could pack and ship every item that had been donated on October 18, 2020, to two orphanages in Makassar, namely the Panti Asuhan Murni dan Panti Asuhan Titipan Kasih. It was truly a great joy for us to see the expressions of gratitude and the genuine response of our brothers and sisters there. Through this project, we sincerely hope that every SDH Makassar student may see his/her role in this world as salt and light, be it for the community in the school, society, and the environment wherever they are. All by God's grace.



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