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Grade 5 students gathered around an exhibit at the Youth Pledge Museum, engaged in a discussion about Indonesia's struggle for independence

Field Trip activities are designed to increase information and lifelong understanding of the material students are studying in class. Most students learn in a visual way, which means that when they see, the information will stay in their minds longer and it will be easier for them to process the information and gain a clearer understanding.

Likewise with SDHLV. Field Trip activities carried out by each grade level can be as a hook, namely an activity carried out before starting a learning theme being taught, or as a culminating activity, namely as a conclusion to a learning theme. This is very helpful for students and teachers because it makes the learning material more real.

This September, students in grades 3, 5, 6 and K3 went on a Field Trip. Class 3 went on a field trip to Kuntum Farm Field, Class 5 visited the Youth Pledge Museum, Class 6 visited the Proclamation Manuscript Museum, and K3 went to Buni Rope Camp in Ciputat.

The K3 students have fun in their first field trip to Buni Ropes Camp, Ciputat under the theme “My Friends and I”. In this theme, the student acknowledge that God created every one of us uniquely according to His image and likeness. They develop their identity in their family and community. They also develop their uniqueness, responsibility, and sense of security as they build relationships in their community. They then became aware that their physical appearance, talent, interest, favorite things, and even beliefs can be different from others.

Furthermore, they learn to respect each other in our own uniqueness. In this unit, the students will learn more about their true identity as God’s children. The students also will learn to develop respectful relationship with others by demonstrating compassion and hope. Being sensitive to other’s needs and opinions or even their problems and having a courage to boldly declare their true identity in Christ are what we want to nurture in this theme.

By God’s love, they are enabled to do good to one another, to work together, to make school, home, and our community become better places to live.



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