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Graduation Drive-Thru


June 15-16, 2020 would be the most historic days for all the sixth graders and teachers in SDH Daan Mogot. On those days, we were conducting a graduation ceremony. Not your usual ceremony here, it was the first-ever Graduation Drive-Thru. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic slamming Indonesia, the government eventually strictly enforced a stiffing lockdown and mandated closure of schools. Remaining resilient and resolutely determined to swim instead of sink, the school successfully managed to find a way to let the students celebrate their moment.

Therefore, a graduation drive-thru was the option chosen then. With a tremendous effort from the teachers and endless supports from the parents and students, we finally managed to conduct one. The students were split into 2 big groups, Class 6A, 6B, and half of 6C will have their graduation on Monday, June 15, while the rest half of 6C, 6D, and 6E will have it on the next day. Following the health protocol advised by the government, we confidently began the process.

The students would come to school in a certain schedule, have their temperature checked, putting on hand sanitizer, and enter the school lobby. After they took their shining gold graduation medal, certificate, class photo, and a long-waited yearbook, they walked to the stage designed in the center of the lobby, taking pictures with the Principal, Ms. Luciana Sugiono, and also with the Respective Homeroom Teacher. Finish with that, the student may leave the lobby and get in their car that had been waiting for them and going home. Everyone filled with joy and smile on face as each student came and passed by on this final moment. Thus, this was a revolutionary way of education. Nevertheless, we continually choose to keep marching on. All for Jesus. (by Mr. Rolandi)



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