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Mask Up Mask Right Tips

The center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently recommends the use of mask double as a way to improve the suitability of the mask and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

According to a report the CDC, wearing a cloth mask on top of medical masks can provide the control source of a lot better, as well as reduce exposure to the wearer. Particles are blocked jumped to 92.5 percent when the two are combined, with a fabric mask on top of medical masks.

We are advised to wear a mask to double, especially if traveling to the places that are dense and does not allow a safe distance.

As for the use of mask double is not a medical mask along with wearing a medical mask again. However, the use of medical masks then it is coated with a fabric mask. Not all types of masks can be combined, for example the mask KN95 and N95.

Make sure the edges medical mask glued soft on the skin. It is also important to ensure vision is not impaired while wearing a mask to double up. And of course, not only safe, but can still breathe comfortably.

The use of two masks while this is not recommended for children, because it can make the child difficult to breathe.

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