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RI-75th Anniversary Celebration SDH MEDAN

It is such a happy and grateful moment that right on August 17, 2020, Indonesia celebrated the independence day for 75 years. As a form of gratitude, Sekolah Dian Harapan Medan celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Indonesia Independence on Tuesday, August 18, 2020. The theme is “Indonesia Maju" based on Jeremiah 29: 7.

This activity began with a morning devotion inviting students to take part in developing Indonesia through the talents God had given them.

Students watched videos about the achievements of Indonesian citizens in the international and national competitions. Then, independence message was given to ignite the enthusiasm of the students to continue to study hard.

Passionately, the students sang Indonesia Raya together, by placing their right hands on their chests. Next, the announcement of the winners in singing and reading poetry were given.

After that, the students made some crafts. The students were very enthusiastic in making the artworks such as red and white bracelets and Garuda bird collages.

Finally, the students wrote a reflection on how excited they were to advance Indonesia by studying diligently. They also wrote down their goals for the future. Through this event, students are expected to love Indonesia and have a passion for better Indonesia.



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