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SDH Bangka Earth Day celebration 2022

SDH Bangka Earth Day celebration 2022 was held in 4 days from April 19 to 22. There were two main activities namely Earth Day Challenge and Green Project. The Earth Day Challenge was done in the first three days where students and teachers did some challenges. It was started with Sort Waste, Use Recyclable Materials to Shop, and Use Recyclable Food Storing Products Challenge. The students asked to put their waste into the sorted bins, bring food or drinks with reusable food storage or bottle and use reusable bags for shopping.

On the second day, they did Lights Out, No Vampire Electricity and Electrical Appliances Challenge. The students were challenged to save electricity by turning off the lights during the day, opening the class curtain to get the sunlight, setting the AC temperature at 24°C-27°C, and unplugging the unused plugs. Energy vampires is often done by people nowadays. However, this is a bad habit that has a huge bad impact. Why? Because producing electrical energy requires quite a lot of natural resources. If these resources are used excessively, they can cause other environmental problems.

Furthermore, on the third day, the students did Save Running Water, Conserve Water, and Ecosia Challenge. Ecosia is a search engine that uses millions of revenues from its ads to fund tree planting movements around the world. Doing 10 quests with ecosia is the same as planting 1 tree. Thus, by planting one tree, it can reduce the rate of global warming.

After doing the challenges, the students did the Green Project with their Homeroom Teachers in the last day. Senior school students started to carry out tree maintenance for the next one month. Playgroup, Kindergarten, and elementary school students conducted a campaign about the example of waste that is disposed of by its types such as Organic Waste, Non-Organic Waste, and Toxic & Dangerous Waste/Medical Waste (mask waste), and planted trees in recycled pots from used bottles that they have prepared.

The whole series of Earth Week events were expected to encourage students to take real actions in the face of global climate change, because “The earth is our home. A comfortable home will be created if the occupants can take good care of it,” says Miss Fivian Satigi, the geography teacher of SDH Bangka.


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