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"SPIRIT OF SDH" - SDH Cup 2023 di SDH Bangka

SDH Cup 2023 di SDH Bangka

Dian Harapan School (SDH) Bangka is again holding the 2023 SDH Cup for five days, February 21st -25th , 2023. Previously, SDH Cup was a routine event carried out by SDH Bangka. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, activities that involved competition in sports, modern dance, and e-sports were temporarily stopped. On Tuesday (21/2), various competitions were begun, such as basket, futsal, badminton, table tennis, modern dance and e-sport. Several schools in Pangkalpinang, Koba, Sungailiat, and Muntok took part in those various competitions.

SDH, as a school that does not only focus on the academic field, but also facilitates every student who is gifted in various non-academic fields. This activity is expected to be a means of developing talent, as well as a form of appreciation for the hard work of every student who is excellent in non-academic fields and through SDH CUP activities it is also hoped that it can strengthen relations between schools and students on Bangka Island. Every student who is excellent in non-academic fields can be facilitated to become an "ambassador" who is responsible and carries a high spirit of sportsmanship in the environment where he grows.

Not only students, but parents were also invited to SDH CUP 2023 activities. On Saturday (25/2), it was the highlight of SDH Cup event which began with a 5K run with students, teachers, staffs, and parents. Following the 5K Run, there was a series of SDH CUP activities, including family matches futsal, table tennis, and handball between SDH Bangka parents and the teachers. Parents and students were very enthusiastic about participating in this year's SDH CUP activities. It is hoped that through this SDH CUP activity students and parents will become more solid and through the various kinds of competitions held, this will teach students to have good sportsmanship for SDH students and other schools.



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