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Mission Service Learning: "Managing Money as the Way to Love God and Others" - Strengthening the Character Profile of Pancasila Students in Grade 4

Kreativitas Berdagang: Merancang Bisnis Plan Bersama

Loving one another is one of the greatest commandments that God desires for believers to uphold in their lives. One way to express love is through managing finances. In the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project, students learn financial management through entrepreneurship. Together in groups, students design business plans for various food and beverage items. They also create sales posters for the food items, which are displayed in the school cafeteria as part of their marketing efforts.

After designing their businesses, students are given time to purchase the necessary supplies for their venture, accompanied by teachers at the school store. They learn how to manage the capital they have for selling food and calculate the profit they anticipate making. In addition to purchasing supplies, students are also given time to experiment with making the food they plan to sell before setting up their booths, ensuring the quality of the food remains high.

On December 1, 2023, the fourth-grade students opened food booths in the cafeteria and began cooking the food or drinks they planned to sell. The students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and displayed high enthusiasm throughout the project. During the event, parents who were willing to help also participated and enjoyed the project alongside their children. After finishing their sales, students calculated the profits they had earned.

As a gesture of love, from the outset, the students agreed that all profits would be donated to students on other islands who needed educational scholarships. The profits were donated through the Lentera Bagi Bangsa Foundation, which channels them to three students from SLH Kupang, SLH Sangihe, and SLH Gunungsitoli Utara. This project teaches students that everything we have can be a means to love others in unique ways, such as helping the education of other friends across the islands! To God be the Glory!




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