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A Celebration of Learning and Development: SDH Bangka

A Celebration of Learning and Development (Student Led Conference)

Dian Harapan Bangka School holds a Student-Led-Conference every year. What is Student-Led-Conference? Student-Led-Conference (SLC) is a celebration of students learning result from the past 3 quarters where students presented their portfolios and demonstrated what they have learned to their parents and teachers. It is conducted by all junior and senior students.

As it was held online, the students presented a digital portfolio containing their learning evidence and reflections on the lessons. They also invited their parents to involve in the demonstration of what they have learned in certain subjects. One of the activities was taken from Civics class where students together with parents, wrote down their rights and obligations in the family. The activity taken from Biology class was to analyze a simple genealogy by making a family tree regarding blood type. Then, the one taken from Geography class was to interpret soil objects by looking at its colors, hues, shapes, textures, and patterns in certain areas through google earth.

Through SLC, students were able to understand themselves as students, increase their sense of responsibility and self-confidence, practice leadership and good communication. Besides that, students were motivated to learn a concept better to be able to explain it well to their parents. During the Student Led Conference, parents become active listeners to understand their children’s improvements and challenges in learning and how to provide best support to their children. Therefore, teachers and parents can synergize better in educating children, both at school and at home.