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"Never Afraid to Jump Higher to Bring Joy" - SDH Bangka

SDH Bangka Chinese New Year celebration 2023

SDH Bangka Chinese New Year celebration is an event that the school community always look forward to. We were grateful because we could hold it onsite this year and really felt the joy among the students and teachers. The theme this year was “Never Afraid to Jump Higher to Bring Joy” which means every student can learn to never be afraid to share goodness and joy with the people around them. It was also expected to become a moment of appreciating the culture around them. A variety of activities in sharing joy were carried out by the students.

  • Kindy students wrapped oranges in red paper and gave it to their parents.

  • Elementary students decorated angpao and created greeting cards with Hanz and shared it to their families and friends.

Junior and senior high school students had series of activites. A few days before the event, they decorated their classes with Chinese New Year ornaments. On the day of event, they had Visiting and Being Visited session where every class hosted and visitied one another. When their class became the host, they welcomed the visitors and conducted some activities. First, they would explain some Chinese New Year culture such as lanterns, hong bao, lion dance, chinese new year sweet rice cake (Nian Gao), oranges, and the meaning of the color red. They also provided snacks and prepare some games such as xiang qi/chinese chess, making hongbao, making lanterns, and bean carrying game to be played together. Through this activities, it is expected that the students could have the experience of learning to serve others with all their hearts and give the best, as for the Lord (Colossians 3:23) and share joy with the people around them.

Besides that, they also had a webinar entitled "Is it allowed for Christians to celebrate Imlek?". We were joyful to have Mr. Wilik Chen as the speaker for the webinar. The students were enthusiastic about listening to the webinar because this topic is very related to their lives. Through this webinar, we were expected to be able to appreciate culture better and have the right perspective on Chinese New Year celebration.

Those are what we have done in SDH Bangka Chinese New Year celebration 2023.

Greetings from SDH Bangka family:

新年快乐 Xīn nián kuài lè 万事如意 Wàn shì rú yì 身体健康 Shēn tǐ jiàn kāng


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