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Public health and welfare haves always been the government's priority in handling COVID-19 in Indonesia. Vaccination as one of the efforts to strengthen public immunity continues to be echoed by the government and is implemented nationwide. The government has been gradually vaccinating health workers, the elderly, adults, pregnant women, adolescents, until now extended to the group of children aged 6 to 11 years. Even the third booster vaccine has also begun to be done thoroughly.

As a form of support to the government in t

he program to accelerate the children's vaccine, Sekolah Palembang Harapan in collaboration with the Kampus Health Center and Ilir Barat-I Police Department held a COVID-19 vaccination for elementary school students (6-11 years) on Tuesday (25 January 2022).

The total number of students vaccinated was 229. In this vaccination, Kampus Health Center and Ilir Barat-I Police Department showed their commitment by sending in at least 10 medical personnel.

The head of School Palembang Harapan, Alfa Citra Sritosa stated that vaccination in schools, especially in SPH, is a form of support to school members and the government, as through the vaccination, the student's immunity increased. This means that the risk of fatal exposure to the Covid-19 virus will be anticipated. He also stated that prior to the vaccination, parents were informed through the memo the school sent online. The parent needed to take their children to the vaccination site as to motive and console those who were afraid to get the jab. Other than that, he also implied on the importance of the vaccination which will support the implementation of on-site (PTM) learning at school. Alfa ended his remarks by saying "We welcome and are very proactive that the vaccination program to be well implemented," in his statement, Tuesday (25 January 2022).

Also present during the event was the Head of Kampus Health Center, dr. Refi Syafei, she was very grateful that the event could be done well. "During vaccination, health protocols are very well implemented. I'm very happy that students are enthusiastic about this vaccine," she stated.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Deputy Head of The School Infrastructure and Public Relations, Eka Nurchayadi, as he stated “The process of implementing vaccinations is carried out regularly and is at a semi-open field so as to minimize the occurrence of transmission of the virus during mass gatherings.”

One of the parents of 5A graders, Yuliana Waty (47) mentioned, "Thank you SPH. Very good at vaccinating students, very organized, neat and clean."

"We hope that the COVID-19 vaccine and the implementation of strict health protocols can be a solution during this pandemic. We hope that each of us is given health and face-to-face learning can continue to be implemented," Alfa concluded.


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